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Normal opening hours 

Wednesday   9.00 am    -   2.00 pm
Thursday        9.00 am    -   2.00 pm
Friday            1
2.00 pm   -   4.30 pm

Appointment times

Weds   9.00am  10.00  11.00  12.00  1.00pm

Thurs   9.00am  10.00  11.00  12.00  1.00pm

Fri     12.00pm  1.00  2.00  3.00.00  3.45pm

Appointments can be arranged outside these hours

If you need to contact please ring

0115 937 36 35  or 0115 94 22 030

or ring/ text  07756 510077

or email

Welcome to Stella Rees Opticians Keyworth

Many people dream of owning their perfect business, with first class customer service where

people come to you again and again and recommend you to their friends and family
A village setting with a strong community spirit away from the big boys on the high street would be ideal.

After 35 years in partnership with her husband Paul, Stella knew exactly what it would

take to create the perfect optical practice.

A place with a warm welcoming atmosphere with a much better choice of frames than

the rows and rows of same looking specs you are normally confronted with.

Where a thorough eye examination takes as long as is needed to explain every test in detail and

what it means for the health and wellbeing of your eyes.

Where you can get advice from someone with years of experience in choosing frames and

solving issues like which varifocals and lens types will work for you.

5 years ago Stella Rees Opticians opened their doors in Keyworth

We think it’s lived up to that dream and more.

Taken from our facebook page

First class friendly service offering an in-depth eye examination. Everything is explained along the way. A great range of modern frames offered at very competitive prices. A local service which I will definitely use again.

Thank you Stella & Paul                         R S Keyworth

Had an eye test and new spectacles. They took utmost care and time to ensure I had the correct prescription. I can now see better than at any time in my life as a spectacle wearer since 4 years of age this is no mean feat. You might not get 2 for 1 but the 1 you get will be excellent

                                            D A Keyworth

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