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Golf specs

We’ve been doing a bit of research recently into the mechanics of playing golf and how to improve your score.

One of the fundamental but also one of the most important aspects is posture and correct head position. Getting this wrong will mess up your stroke big time and add several shots to a round.

Unfortunately whilst bifocals and varifocals work fine in everyday life, by forcing an exaggerated head tilt forwards to see the tee clearly, they can be almost totally unsuitable for the serious golfer.

I even went to the lengths of tracking down a book called
The Pro’s edge - Vision training for golf   By one Dr Lawrence D Lampert His ideas are interesting (and highly regarded in the field) but slightly outdated as vision theory moves forward.

We are now offering bespoke golfing solutions for anyone serious about improving their game.

These solutions range in price from a simple but very effective dedicated single vision/bifocal mix right through to some very high end dedicated “golf” varifocals costing in the £600 - £800 range worn by a few professionals. Adding a polarising lens for sunny days (as found in the ECO range) helps no end following the flight of the ball and you have the complete solution.

Do you need to consider this?

Speaking to many keen golfers I’ve found a clear split between bifocal/varifocal wearers who find it not to be a problem and those who can’t wear them at all on the gold course. If you number among the latter then maybe we have the solution for you.

We will need a short consultation to establish things like eye dominance, there are two types sensory and mechanical with up to 30% of the population having a form of cross dominance. Left/right handed stroke etc we can work to a current prescription or offer as part of our enhanced eye examination.

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