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Face Shapes

The shape of your face has a big impact on how well the frame suits you. So the first thing to decide is what shape your face is. Here are a few ways you can determine this.

Ask someone (not always reliable.)

Take a picture of your face and look at the proportions.

With your hair off your face look in the mirror and draw around the reflection of your face on the mirror with lipstick then stand back and see what shape it resembles. Then spend ages getting the lipstick off !!!


This is a well balanced shape where the forehead is slightly wider than the jawline. Cheek bones are high and the chin has a gentle curve.

Almost any shape of frame will suit this shape of face so why not go for some of the more angular shapes.


Face width and length are similar and widest at the cheeks. Your chin will be softly rounded as well. Angular frames suit this face shape as it draws attention to the top half of your face.

Avoid round or oval shapes.


Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are almost the same width. Your forehead may be high and your chin may be square. The best shapes are oval or round to soften the jawline.

Angular shapes are best avoided.


Your face gradually tapers towards the chin and is longer than it is wide. You may also have a slightly longer nose and chin.

Avoid elongated shapes

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