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About me

Choosing frames can be a daunting process for many when faced with walls of frame displays and hundreds of specs peering at them.



On this site I hope to give you hints and tips on choosing your ideal 'face furniture.'


I intend to source suppliers that I feel will provide quality and style.


Please visit again and if you can think of anything you would like me to add please let me know.


Although I've been in optics for over 30 years I also have a Degree in Interior Design and it was while I studied for this that I really began to appreciate good design, the use of colour and shape and how money cannot always buy style.


My aim with this website is to provide news and information on frames, spectacles lenses, visual aids, designer specs and anything else that I come across that I feel may be of interest.

Recently I have also opened in Keyworth. We both come from small communities and relished the thought of being in a village environment.

After qualifying in London as a dispensing optician I worked for a short time in Derby before Paul and I set up our own practice in 1983 (the same year that we got married.)


There have been so many changes since we started in optics.  When we first opened advertising was not allowed, window displays had to be very modest and NHS frames were a major part of our day to day work. Varifocal lenses were in their infancy and glass was still used in many cases.


Things have come on leaps and bounds since then. Styles of frames are so varied now and lens designs are much more sophisticated now.


I’ve learnt over the years that “designer frames” are not always the better option as far as quality goes with many ophthalmic frames being more well made. Also the choice of frame should be considered along side the type of lenses needed.

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