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Enhanced eye examinations at Stella Rees opticians

So much more than a standard NHS type eye test

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See the same person every time

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Eye examinations at Stella Rees opticians     Keyworth

Have you ever had an "NHS sight test" where it  felt a bit rushed and impersonal? That you would see someone different next time?

As an independent partnership we have been offering eye examinations well above the basic NHS sight test for over thirty years

Expect our sight test to take 45 minutes when we will as standard:


Test your visual fields and explain what the results mean and how they relate to your retinal photos

Perform a full refraction which is an assessment of your focusing and visual function at both distance and near

Assess your binocular function and how well the eyes coordinate together.


Test the pressure in your eye (over 40's) with an I-care which most people find an awful lot nicer than the more traditional puffer


Take photos of the back of your eye and spend time explaining what they mean


Perform various other tests that relate to visual function and the general health of the eye.


Spend time discussing how the above findings relate to the reasons you had for attending and make any referrals to the GP if required

Discuss conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and macula degeneration and offer simple tests you can perform yourselves at home.


Discuss our findings and how they relate to things like VDU use, driving and reading and how some of the latest lenses might be able to help


And most of all we take time, time for you to  understand all that is happening, things you can do and things we can offer to help.

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